Current Activities
Baseline surveys and studies
  • Baseline survey, community profiling, focused-group discussions, social mapping, and other surveys and studies
  • Identify specific issues/aspects and characteristics of the group and location related to water supply
  • Identification of community organizations, religious and other organizations, and motivated individuals through the survey process
  • Rapport building with the community
  • Willingness& Affordability To Pay
Mass public awareness raising
  • Hold general public consultation and focus group discussions etc.
  • Identify target groups and issues, messages to be delivered, and delivery tools
  • Identify and prepare effective communication media tools and IEC materials for awareness raising campaign.
  • Disseminate information to general mass population in the city through posters, leaflets, booklets, pamphlets, community discussions, workshops, special day events participating in public media, school programmes, poster/essay contests, street plays, awareness songs and skits, videos etc.
  • Promote good water use, sanitation and environment education
  • promote takeup of water supply and sewerage connections
  • Bring awareness on water conservation, water quality and contamination, and water management to community level
  • Bring awareness of the importance of community-wide connection of sewerage for public hygiene.
  • Bring awareness of solid waste management and good use of sanitation facilities and drainage
  • Develop sense of responsibility within community for taking part in enhancement of the water supply and sewerage networks
  • Promote legal connection and discourage illegal connection
  • Encourage meter acceptance and meter-based payment
Community-based activities
  • Initial assessment of target group and issues in the priority area
  • Develop effective intervention strategies and action plan on the basis of findings of the survey with the target communities
  • Organize meetings, workshops, training, demonstrations of laboratory test, demonstration of water contamination and treatment model, exposure trips, community competitions etc. and disseminate on the identified target issues.
  • Impliment awareness raising activities, surveys and transect walk, mapping etc. with CBOs
  • Develop linkage and coordination mechanism to share community initiatives and issues with relevant agencies and organizations.
  • Form stakeholder groups such as fishermen, dhobis, idol making factories etc. if required.
Community-based organization development
  • Identify, support formation/revitalization of CBOs, strengthening them through continuous support and capacity development
  • Investigation of community-based connection methods working with Community Connection Engineers of Institutional Capacity Development Consultancy (ICDC).
  • Development of CBO and operation and maintenance of alternative community-based connection systems.
Customer relationship improvement
  • Organize application camps
  • Organize trips to the water & sewerage treatment plants
  • Organize customer consultation at the community level
  • Conduct customer satisfactory surveys