How long will the Water Supply Project take?

The Water Supply project will complete in Phase manner. By 2016 JnNURM assisted South West Guwahati Water Supply Project will be commissioned followed by the South Central and South East Guwahati Water Supply Project in 2017 and 2018 respectively.   
What will be the tariff Structure?
The tariff will be fixed so that can sustain the projects operation and maintenance cost. The tariff will be fixed based on the volumetric consumption and affordability of the people.
Whether it will be metered system or not?
It will be metered system.
How long will the road restoration process take?
Temporary restoration will be done within one or two days and permanent restoration is a technical issue which will be carried out as soon as possible after hydrolic testing of pipelines is completed.
Whether the project will provide water to residents in all lanes, by-lanes,including the hillocks?
The project mandate is to provide clean, safe and portable drinking water to all citizens of Guwahati who choose to take connection. So it is intended cover all the lanes, by lanes of the city.
Whether proper survey has been done prior to the pipe laying work being conducted so that it covers the entire population?
The scope of the project is based on GMC survey and all the GMC area is included. If any area is found to be overlooked then this will be taken care of with GMC concurrence.
Who will do the road restoration.PWD or the Construction Company?
Final road restoration will be done by Construction Company under the supervision of PWD.
How the pipe line laying work will be done in the hill top areas
In hill tops pipe laying work will be done manually.
Whether the residents of the mountains and hillocks will get sufficient water and with enough pressure?
The System has been designed in such a way that people in all area can get sufficient water
Who will do the future maintenance-whether it will be done by private party or by GMC?
The Operation and maintenance will be under the purview of the Jal Board and it is strategizing the issue.
DI pipes joints whether it will be sustainable?
DI Pipes and its joints are good enough to sustain the water pressure in this system and also after laying the hydraulic test is conducted to ensure the same.