Customer Services

The Guwahati Jal Board will offer its customers numerous services like apply online, register online compliant, status of complaint and various bill payment options soon.

Payment Modes

Online payment using Bill Desk Payment Gateway
Cash at office Counters
Guwahati Initiative

“Guwahati Initiative” a new approach in water bill collection proposal for an upcoming new water supply system for the city of Guwahati. The proposed system will be able to bring down the cost of payment collection, reduce the risk of non-recovery, and at the same time generate a large number of small business opportunities throughout the city.

A contracted community-based commercial establishment (hereafter Payment Center) will collect monthly payments from the customers in the neighborhood. The Payment Center will make SMS call to a dedicated database in Jal Board to verify the balance and notify receipts. The database will confirm the receipt of the payment to each customer and the vendor. The database will tally the received balance for each Payment Center and at some interval, notify the contracted bank for cash collection. The bank deposits the money and hands over bills and sends the service report on digital format to the database